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How To Fix Melted Taffy

Why did my taffy melt and how can I fix it?

You've just received your order of The World’s Most Famous Taffy™, opened the box to enjoy the freshly made treat…but unfortunately it is slightly melted and much softer than usual. So what do you do to fix this?

Well before we get to the solution of the problem, let us learn just how this problem occurred. Taffy, like most candies is very heat sensitive and can begin to melt when put through high temperatures. (Very similar to the inside of a mail truck to be specific.)

So what is the best plan of action if your taffy is melted? First, don't panic! Taffy is just as sensitive to cold as it is hot, meaning that melted taffy is easily rejuvenated to its regular consistency. The best solution to melted taffy is merely to let it set unbothered at room temperature (72 for a period of 24 hours.

Despite the candy being a bit melted, it does not mean it is still not absolutely delicious. So if you cannot wait for your taffy to firm up again, and you want to attack your order right away, go right ahead! We promise not to tell anyone!

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