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Dear Valued Customers,

Want to sell the World’s Most Famous Taffy™ in your store? We can help! With more than 90 flavors to choose from, your customers will fall in love with our flavors from traditional favorites such as banana and chocolate, all the way to our new sensations like Fruit Punch and Rainbow Sherbet.

You may be asking yourself… Why should I buy the World’s Most Famous Taffy™ as opposed to the other brands out there? Well, there are too many reasons to write on one page for sure! Let’s just stick to the most important ones for now!

  • Taste & Flavor – After 4 generations of candy making and almost 70 years of experience, we have got this part nailed! We believe our taffy bursts with flavor far beyond any other taffy on the market. We believe you will think the same, but most importantly your customers will believe it!
  • Soft and Chewy – Remember that rock hard taffy you used to get as a kid? Well, this is definitely not that taffy. Our taffy is a nice, soft, and chewy piece with a great “stretch” quality. From toddlers all the way up to great great grandparents, customers of all ages will appreciate this easy to chew attribute.
  • Appearance – Customers eat with their eyes, way before they eat with their mouths. We have designed our candy to grab the customer’s attention. We make sure our World’s Most Famous Taffy™ is the brightest piece of candy we can make, with the widest spectrum of colors and the coolest designs we can think of.
  • Variety. Over 90 Different Flavors. – Wow. Can you imagine your customer’s reaction to all of that variety? We have a flavor for everybody!
  • Customer Service – Not only do we think we are the best, so do our customers! You can’t stay in business as long as we have without making sure that the customer is what matters most!
  • Experience – Believe it or not, this may be our best quality. Having been on the retail side of things since 1948, we can definitely help guide you in setting up your business to be the most productive possible. Most of the big boys forget what it is like to run a small business and don’t remember, or care to remember all the trials and tribulations that we go through on a day to day basis. If you don’t make money, we don’t… it’s as simple as that.

If you need more reasons, we would be more than happy to go over them with you. Please email to inquire.

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