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How Salty is Saltwater Taffy

Salt Water Taffy – Not as Salty as you’d think!

We’ve all been there – it’s your first time being on the East Coast beaches, your first encounter with the cold Atlantic Ocean feels amazing in the nearly blistering 98° currently being experienced at the World’s Most Famous Beach. However, while goofing off with a relative a wave swept in from behind knocking you down, causing a shock to your system as you try to inhale quickly…However, you were just a couple seconds late and now you’ve gone and swallowed what felt like gallons of Salt water! Gross! Why would anyone want to make such a sweet treat like saltwater taffy using real saltwater?

That’s just it…there is absolutely NO saltwater in Saltwater taffy! In fact, some cases (such as our own here at Zeno’s) literally no salt gets added at all. I know what you are thinking…. “Isn’t that false advertisement or something? ‘Saltwater’ taffy does not actually have saltwater?” In all actuality, the term “Saltwater Taffy” was coined in the late 1800’s by a confectioner by the name of David Bradley. But even then, saltwater was not an ingredient in the taffy…it was just conveniently sold by a large body of saltwater (Atlantic Ocean).

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