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What is Your Favorite Item At Zeno's?

The rich, decadent flavors of Zeno’s World’s Most Famous Taffy™, truly sets the Boardwalk Sweet Shop apart from its competitors. Ranging from the spicy chili pepper to the ever-popular juicy watermelon, Zeno’s has the largest variety of saltwater taffy flavors in the world!

Although known for its ever so soft taffy, the mom and pop shop takes pride in knowing that everything sold in their stores is 100 percent homemade. (Given the exception of a few gummy products and lollipops.)

So, how does can one choose a favorite item from the 32 homemade ice cream flavors, a variety of brittles, caramels & hand-dipped chocolates?  

That’s an easy and reoccurring question for third-generation candy maker, John Louizes.  Louizes taste tests everything the sweet shop makes whether it is a piece of saltwater taffy, a bite of chocolate or his personal favorite, a small sample of ice cream.  

“I have a sample of everything,” Louizes said.  “It sounds like a great job but it is very tough on my waistline, he joked. “I have about 1-2 scoops a day, it’s my ‘breakfast of champions.’”

It is difficult to pick a few top contenders from all 32 ice cream flavors but for Louizes, Pookie’s Pick, Carrot Cake & Cookie Monster hold a near and dear place in his heart.

Pookie’s Pick: Vanilla Ice Cream combined with salted caramel, macadamia pieces, white chocolate, toasted coconut and a buttery graham cracker crust.  Pookie is also the nickname John has for his wife since the time they started dating.

Carrot Cake:  Vanilla ice cream, with a hint of cinnamon, homemade carrot cake pieces and a cream cheese frosting swirl.

Cookie Monster: Cookie ice cream combined with Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butter, M&M’s and Cookies and Cream pieces.  

Now, the fan favorite of Zeno’s is definitely the saltwater taffy. But what really makes Zeno’s World’s Most Famous Taffyso unique? After 60+ years of pulling taffy, they have learned a few tricks to making sweet taffy that’s so light and smooth, it practically melts in your mouth.

The family has a special whipping technique to make every piece of taffy soft and delicious without ever being too hard; they have developed some great taffy flavors, too!  Over 100 flavors of mouthwatering temptations that smell every bit as rich as they taste, each one whipped up in small batches, triple checked for quality. Some flavors are seasonal, and some are just for fun that only last as long as they can put them in a wrapper before they’re snatched up!

Let us ask you, what’s your favorite product at Zeno’s?

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