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Who Is the Most Influential Person To You?

Zeno’s prides itself on being a family owned and operated business. It is how they started and what serves as the core sweetness of the business model.

Each day third generation owner, John Louizes, is privileged to work alongside the person who has influenced him the most as well as someone who has contributed to the success of the taffy empire; his wife and partner-in-crime, Christina.

Sometimes running a candy business isn’t as sweet as it sounds. Like any business, frustrations can arise but John & Christina work as a team to ensure their business is running to its full potential. When things go pear shaped, Christina is not only the first person John goes to as the calming force but is also the person to bring him back down when he thinks he’s the greatest thing on earth…in a way she’s doing us all a favor…so when you see her, thank her.

On the side of being an incredible mom, to their sons Zeno, 9, & CJ, 5, which we all know is a FULL TIME JOB (with no breaks), Christina handles all web order fulfillment, administrative and HR responsibilities for the business…she’s basically a modern day Wonder Woman, Supergirl & Princess Leia wrapped into one.

Anyone who knows this power couple will tell you they are the prime example but are also each other’s inspiration. Christina understands her husband is fluent in this business and provides the correct support on any ideas from coming up with a new recipe to deciding to stretch Zeno’s into new opportunities.

It is important to respect and appreciate those who you work with especially when you are on a team. Christina wears many hats throughout the Zeno's organization and is huge reason why John enjoys getting up for work every day.

**Fun Fact**
Zeno’s fans also can thank Christina as she is THE reason the ice cream flavor “Pookie’s Pick”. It’s everything she likes plus it is the nickname John has called her ever since they started dating.


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