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How Many Flavors of Saltwater Taffy are there?

Saltwater Taffy flavors...How many are there?

As the self proclaimed World leader in our variety of taffy flavors, this article may be the one we will constantly change most frequently.   When we first opened our doors in 1948, we only carried an assortment of 10 flavors. As time has passed, that number has escalated 10 fold...literally.

We are now over the century mark with our taffy flavors, as we announced Pineapple Upside Down Cake as flavor #101. Though we strive to create new flavors all the time, they are not always homeruns!

We have definitely experienced some strikeouts throughout the years. One of them that comes to recent memory is BBQ Potato Chip. While I am confident this will eventually be a great flavor, it still needs to gets lots of kinks worked out.

Whenever a customer orders taffy online or visits one of our stores, they are given a Flavor Card. This allows the customer to see what flavors they are in fact eating, and also provides an entire list of all of our flavors. We do make some seasonal flavors from time to time that are not part of the 101 flavors and they are limited edition.

We are always able to make custom flavors for customers too. We do it all of the time and they are quite fun to do. Creativity is the key to our success! If you have a Saltwater taffy flavor you think we should try, let us know and email us at

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