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How Long Does it Take to Pull Taffy

Pulling Taffy...How much Time is needed?

One of the most common questions we get in our stores is in regards to our Famous Taffy Puller we have in the front windows of our retail locations. Those machines are by far the best employees any boss could ever ask for.

The purpose of pulling the taffy is to add air in to the candy. This allows for millions of air bubbles to form which is how a clear batch of cooked taffy all of a sudden begins to turn bright white. The added air into the product also adds volume, and turns the candy into a much larger piece. After the taffy has turned white, color and flavoring is then added according to the flavor it is.

When pulling the taffy, the candy only needs to be on the machine for about 15 minutes. The piece of taffy being pulled in the window of our stores pulls all day long. Every 5-10 minutes we check on it to see if it needs to be sprayed with fresh water to keep humidity into the product. This keeps the taffy from drying out. This piece is a display only and will never be used to produce any taffy to consume.

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