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Why is Daytona Beach Famous

Why Daytona Beach is called the World’s Most Famous Beach

When you think of why Daytona Beach is the World’s Most Famous Beach, you would think it’s because of its beautiful coastline, crashing waves, or kids on their Spring Break! To pay homage to Daytona Beach, where we have been located in since 1948, we even gave our saltwater taffy the name of the World's Most Famous Taffy(tm) in Daytona beach's honor.

While the reasons mentioned above are all true, the actual one behind this is because of its hard-packed sand. Due to this sand it allowed for motorized vehicles to drive on certain areas of the beach which led to the start of beach racing. Known as the old Daytona Beach Road Course, the beach became a Mecca where people would travel from across the country and world right to Daytona Beach.

These races were held for 50 years, until The Daytona International Speedway was introduced in 1959. Now, every year hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions from around the world come to Daytona Beach for the Daytona 500, Rolex 24, Coke Zero 400, and Bike races during Bike Week.

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