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Can't Decide which Flavors to Buy? Try Them All

Can't Decide which Flavors to Buy? Try Them All!

Throughout the years we have had many customers walk in to our stores in and become absolutely overwhelmed by the different flavors of our World's Most Famous Taffy™. With 101 different flavors to choose from (no other candy maker makes more), one can definitely understand why first timers may have a tough time deciding which flavors they should purchase.

Cherry or Chili Pepper? Key Lime or Peppermint? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Well, we are proud to announce we have made things much easier for those who have a tough time choosing.

TA DA!!! Please welcome our "Try Them All" assortment. Each box comes with at least 1 piece of every one of our flavors that we have in stock at the time the order is pulled. While we strive to get you all 101, there are times we are out of a few due to the high demand of our product. We do, however guarantee to get you at least 90 different flavors in each "Try Them All" assortment.

Can't figure out which flavor is which? No Problem! Each box comes with our very own Flavor Card which has a picture of each of our taffy flavors. This card will help you match the taffy in your hand with what the flavor actually is.

This assortment will definitely help you fine tune which flavors you will want to order in the future.   It also makes a perfect gift for friends and co-workers, as well as having a fun time with your family trying all of the different flavors together.

Our "Try Them All" assortment can be found at any of our stores and is also available at on our website.


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