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Does Saltwater Taffy Melt?

Does Saltwater Taffy melt?

As a company that ships out tens of thousands of pounds of our World's Most Famous Taffy™ a year. This is a question we get a lot! It is definitely a valid concern when deciding whether or not you would like to have some of our Saltwater Taffy shipped to you or to a friend as a gift.

Saltwater taffy, without a doubt can and will melt if left in the heat for too long. The beauty about the World's Most Famous Taffy™ is that if given time in proper room temperature conditions, it will firm up and get back to where it was originally. Of course, there is a chance of some seepage of candy through the wrapper, but if the candy has a tight twist on it, this should be very limited if none at all. Also, if your Saltwater Taffy leaks from the paper and sticks with other pieces of candy, these should easily pull apart with a very limited amount of mess when the candy has reached the proper temperature again.

Because of the characteristics I mentioned above, our World's Most Famous Taffy™ is a great product to ship all over the world. We have shipped as far as Australia and to our troops serving overseas in the hot conditions of the Middle East.

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