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Why is it named Saltwater Taffy?

Why is it called Saltwater Taffy?

This is by far the most popular question we get asked in all of our stores. While we may create some of the most unique flavors in the world, we didn't invent the name. It is actually quite an interesting story.

An old legend suggests that's during the summer of 1883, young chocolatier David Bradley’s candy store was flooded by a series of three storms that brewed in the neighboring Atlantic Ocean. Bradley did not see that as a reason to close shop, and so he continued daily business. A neighboring candy store owner named Joseph Fralinger reportedly witnessed a transaction between Bradley and a young consumer one morning after the flooding occurred.

The customer, being a young girl asked Bradley if he had any taffy to sell. Bradley jokingly replied “I've got salt water taffy!” The little girl enthusiastically bought the product before beginning her day on Atlantic City’ beach. Thus the term “Salt Water Taffy” was coined. Then, in August of 1923 John Edmiston acquired a trade mark of “Saltwater Taffy” – he then tried suing many confectioners for using this term. It wasn’t until 1925 that the supreme court ruled that Edmiston could not technically own the term “Saltwater Taffy”, and so the Trademark was revoked.

As customers visit our store, we make sure to let them know that Saltwater Taffy may have been invented on the Jersey Shore, but it was perfected on the World's Most Famous Beach!

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